Lime Earth Conservation Ltd. provide consultancy services, lime plastering, pointing and general building repairs for historic building owners. (As on the grade 2 listed Brampton Towers pictured below).

brampton towersStuart studied at Bournemouth University on their PGDip/Msc. in Architectural Stonework Conservation under the tutiledge of amongst others John Ashurst and has worked opposite David Odgers at Nimbus Conservation. He also worked with John Byrne, for Stonewest Cox, Stoneguard and latterly with Maysand (Bullen Conservation) both as Project Manager and subcontractor when Lime Earth Conservation Ltd was founded in 2000.


Lime Earth Paints have been developed to offer all the benefits of traditional limewash without compromising its conservation quality status. We also offer a range of DIY friendly products such as lime patching plaster (see regency sculpted niche pictured below) that are fully compatable with modern and historic buildings.

This paint will give you the soft chalky bloom of lime in a format that you can use inside or out, on many different substrates, even over modern plastic based emulsion. Lime Earth Paints can be used on walls that need to breathe as it allows moisture and salts to pass through.

Lime Earth Paint is pre-tinted for ease of application using mainly natural earth pigments giving subtle depth and character that only the combination of lime and earth pigments can give. We liken different paint finishes to the way different fabrics look and behave. The same colour used to dye silk for example will look completely different if used to dye linen. This is because each fabric deals with light in a different way.

So it is with paint, the crystalline structure of carbonated lime breaks up and diffuses light as it passes through it and bounces back. A modern paint reflects light more evenly and will not look as soft.