Price List for Lime Earth Paints

Mail Order please call 07790 016169 or contact a local stockist.

Retail Price List (UK)   Inc. VAT
Lime paint & Limewash    
8 Litres any standard coloured Paint (9.9 kg) 43.50
4 Litres any standard coloured Paint (5.0 kg) 26.50
100ml matchpots any standard colour   3.90
5 Litres White Limewash   7.95
10 litres white limewash   12.95
20 litres white limewash   20.00
Special Colour Matching for any of the above   10.00
Lime Patching Plaster    
2.5Kg Lime Patching Plaster   8.50
5 Kg Lime Patching Plaster   14.50
Lime Putty/ Hydraulic lime    
25 Litres Lime Putty   13.00
25 Kg Dry Naturally Hydraulic Lime (nhl 3.5) 12.85
Lime Mortars    
Lime Mortar Matching   25.00
Mortar Analysis   80.00
30 Kg tubs coarse Lime Mortar prices on request
30 Kg tubs fine lime mortar prices on request
30 Kg tubs lime hair plaster prices on request
Lime mortars and plasters can also be delivered to site in 1 tonne dumpy bags
All the above prices exclude cost of delivery or postage
Please contact stockists for delivery charges.